Design Air’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) expert technicians can diagnose, repair, and maintain just about any brand of air conditioning and heating equipment, but we install only top quality HVAC equipment from industry leaders.  So we’re pleased to include air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces from Day & Night.  Along with Rheem that gives you more choices for the best match of features, capacity, efficiency, and cost for your particular home or business.

The Day & Night Brand

Day and Night is owned by United Technologies.  They also own Carrier (another leading brand in of air conditioning and heating), and many consumers and HVAC technicians have noted similarities between these two brands.  Day & Night is known for EnergyStar rated equipment that is quiet, reliable, and durable. Their advances in energy efficiency just might make a replacement more economical than you think.

Air Conditioning

Your AC does more than just cool the air.  Your cooling system also dehumidifies for a boost in comfort.  By choosing a model with high-efficiency ratings you can have both extra comfort and energy savings.  Adding a smart thermostat is a winning combination, and some of their models even have a WiFi remote control.  Depending on the model you’ll have a 10-year parts limited warranty and a 5- or 10-year replacement warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Day & Night offers several different series of air conditioners, allowing you to choose the balance of initial cost, monthly energy costs, and lifetime that’s just right for you.  SEER, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (technically the BTUs per hour of cooling divided by the watt-hours of electricity consumed), compares the amount of cooling delivered to the energy input.  Their two lower-cost lines use a single-stage compressor for SEERs of 13 and 16.  Their high-performance line uses a two-stage compressor for a SEER of 19.  Other features such as staged or variable-speed blowers also improve efficiency.

TIP:  There have been big improvements in energy efficiency over the last decade.  Ten years ago SEERs of 6 to 10 were the most common so today’s replacement air conditioners could use 25% to 60% less energy.  Yes, it just might be possible to cut your air conditioning bill in half.

TIP:  Their highest energy air conditioner line could save you even more but at a higher first-cost premium.  Experts suggest going with one step down if you expect to sell your home within the next 10 years.

Design Air

Poor reviews of air conditioning & heating brands are often the result of poor model selection, over- or under-sizing, and above all poor installation.  We’ve been serving the Moreno Valley and now all of the Inland Empire with truly professional services for over 15 years.  A full-service HVAC company we always do the job right and treat our customers fairly, whether that’s installation, repair, or maintenance services.  Our experience and expertise include air conditioning systems, furnaces and heaters, heat pumps, thermostats and controllers, and duct work as well as air purifiers, attic insulation, attic fans, swamp coolers, and whole house fans.  Our goal is to keep you comfortable year-round while saving you money.