Most people ignore home appliances, even the expensive ones such as washers, dryers, and water heaters.  But they shouldn’t.  With proper attention appliances last longer, break down less often, and are much safer.  In particular, dryers need to have their exhaust vent cleaned at least every few years to assure proper operation and to avoid a fire hazard. Design Air provides professional and affordable dryer vent cleaning services to all Inland Empire including Riverside, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Perris, and all other areas.

Why Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

Fine lint and other debris do indeed make it past the lint filter — just look around the outdoor opening!  Given the time it accumulates so much that it can pose serious problems.

The biggest concern is due to the fact that all that fuzz is flammable.  The National Fire Protection Agency reports that there are some 15,000 dryer fires per year causing around 100 injuries.  For each individual home, the odds aren’t all that high but they’re far from insignificant.

Safety Tip:  Never leave a dryer running when there’s no one at home.

The vent duct is typically only 4 inches in diameter, so it doesn’t take much to noticeably reduce the amount of airflow especially for flexible ducts.  And that can lead to several problems.  Moist air is removed less effectively so clothes take longer to dry and the dryer works longer and harder.  That uses more energy, increasing your electricity bill and causing extra wear on clothing.  That reduced airflow can also cause combustion problems and hazardous exhaust for gas driers and may cause electric heating elements to burn out.  Protection sensors may shut the unit off, leaving you thinking you need a repair.  Or you may develop a moisture problem that leads to a mold problem.

You can find fairly detailed instructions for cleaning dryer vents yourself on the web.  But you’ll also see that it’s a fairly difficult and time-consuming job.  And you want to be sure it’s done right.

When Is It Necessary?

The U.S. Fire Administration recommendations say about once a year, although that, of course, depends on how much laundry you do.  Dryer repairmen also suggest about once a year.  For some households, quick cleaning may be needed 2 or 3 timers per year.  You could disconnect the vent and have a look inside, although that risks loosening the vent and most importantly natural gas connections.  Another indication is when a heavy load of towels takes 2 or more cycles to thoroughly dry.  At a minimum, an annual inspection is a good idea and can be combined with other preventive maintenance.

How We Work

Our professional technicians have the latest equipment at their disposal for the most thorough cleaning possible.  A professional scrubbing brush first loosens lint, dust, and debris then a special vacuum removes all of it from your vent.

Tip:  Fabric softener sheets can coat the lint filter and reduce airflow as well.  Give it a hot-water soak and cleaning from time to time.