Are you a part of the 25% of Californians who do not have air conditioning? There’s no excuse anymore as there are plenty of air conditioner options. So it’s time to say goodbye to sweaty nights and uncomfortable days. 

Consider these different types of AC units and find the best air conditioner for your budget and home. 

Central Air Conditioner

This is the most common type of home AC unit. It cools the entire home by forcing cool air through a duct system that distributes and circulates the air throughout the entire home. A central thermostat allows you to control the system’s functions. 

The drawback of this system is that it is expensive to purchase and install. It also requires an outdoor component. While some people complain of noise, there are quiet options that an HVAC contractor can suggest. 

Window Air Conditioner

Consider a window unit if you are looking for a quick and easy DIY AC installation option. These smaller AC devices typically cost a few hundred dollars. Simply fit it into the window, and it will push cool air into the home and heat outward. 

If you live in a condo or apartment, these units are ideal because you don’t have the option of installing central air. However, the drawback is that you have to give up a window to have it. 

Ductless Mini-Split

This AC unit could be a good alternative if you can’t add a duct system. This is a two-part system with an outdoor condenser and an indoor blower. They are connected by a conduit that transports the cold air into the home and the moisture outside. 

These units mount on the wall, which can be unsightly. They are also ideal for smaller spaces and tend to lack enough power to cool a large room effectively. 

Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner is a good alternative if using a window AC unit isn’t an option. They are affordable, have fewer risks than window units, and are simple to set up. You’ll need to choose a location that’s near a window and an outlet. 

A vent hose channels warm air outside as the unit blows cool air inside. Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks. They take up valuable floor space and can be quite noisy. 

Geothermal Air Conditioner

If sustainability and environmentally friendly products are important, consider this AC replacement option. It uses up to 50% less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems. This system is an alternative to central air in that it will cool your entire home. 

This system is the most expensive to install, but it can use your home’s existing duct system. The work, system uses circulating water that’s taken about 10 feet underground to transport heat to or from your home. 

Install One of These Types of AC Units

It’s time to stop sweating and feeling uncomfortably hot when you’re in your home. One of these types of AC units can provide you with the cool relief you desire. Consider your budget, home size, and installation method when choosing a system.  

If you are having trouble choosing the best unit for your home? Contact our team, and they can give you expert advice to help you choose.