An A/C problem that occurs more than people may imagine is the unit icing up.  If your A/C is freezing up, you are not alone. The Design Air team has repaired hundreds of iced up air conditioning units throughout the Inland Empire.  At the center of the issue is a condenser element not receiving an adequate amount of hot air.  The result is an A/C system overworking itself, increasing electrical usage, and reduced comfort levels.  Below is a typical way we approach the repair of iced up HVAC units.

Leading Causes of A/C Freeze Ups

When the evaporator coil drops too low, the system will begin to ice up.  In normal conditions, heated Inland Empire air should enter the intake and exit back outside.  Once the hot air flow is obstructed the unit will begin icing.  Rather than moving hotter air from your home, the evaporator’s coils begin the transference of ice-cold air.  Such an occurrence is an example of poor system airflow.

There are several items that result in poor airflow.  A few of the leading causes are:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Lack of refrigerant
  • Curtain/drapery obstructions (for window units)
  • Dirty coils
  • Malfunctioning system fans

Repair of A/C Ice Ups

Upon arrival, our professional technicians will ascertain the reason why your air conditioner is freezing up.  After identifying the problem, we’ll inform you of the best approach to the repair.  Whether the proposed repair is simple or complex, we believe in transparency.  Hence, our technicians will always provide you with all the details and an estimate of the repair.  

If your air conditioner is freezing up, it makes sense to get it repaired as soon as possible.  Each time that you use it your unit will use more energy than usual to function.  It will also lead to extra strain on your system which could cause other damage.  Call us today if you are seeking to fix your freezing A/C.