When summer heats up in Inland Empire, the last thing that you want is an A/C issue. Yet, that is what usually happens and one common issue involves ice buildup on the A/C. If that is happening to your A/C, chances are you discovered it because the A/C is not performing as well as it should. Here are some of the reasons this is occurring.

It’s All About The Airflow

Good airflow is critical crucial to your air conditioner. In fact, when airflow is restricted or blocked off the evaporator coils will freeze up. This happens because condensation forms and freezes on the coils when it does not have good airflow.
One of the main causes of restricted airflow is a dirty air filter. As small dirt particles collect on the filter, slowly the airflow is blocked making the compressor work harder. Alternatively, there may bad seals, blocked ducts, or simply large amounts of dirt on the condenser.


Clean or replace the air filter and make sure that it is positioned properly. Verify that the source of airflow is not blocked. Make sure that the evaporator is clean.
Improper Refrigerant Charge
Your A/C may freeze up due to an unbalanced level of refrigerant. This is especially the case if the refrigerant is low. On most occasions when refrigerant is low, there is a leak. It is a waste of money to fill the A/C up with refrigerant when a leak is apparent. It will only serve as a quick fix and the freezing will occur again.
It is best to have an HVAC professional to locate the leak, fix it, and re-charge the refrigerant.
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