Forced-air furnaces are the most popular type of heating system in homes. In fact, 83% of homes have these systems. 

A forced-air system has a furnace that distributes heat to a home through air ducts. As a result, a home with forced air always requires air ducts.

Unfortunately, air ducts need services from time to time. But what services do they need, and how often do they need them? 

Here is a guide that answers these vital questions for you. 

Key Services for Air Ducts

Your air ducts might be hidden inside your walls and floors, but they serve a vital role. They transport heated and cooled air throughout your home, helping your home stay at a comfortable temperature.

The downside is that air ducts can develop gaps and holes. Additionally, they can harbor debris and allergens. Therefore, you might need two services for your air ducts.

The first is air duct repairs and maintenance, such as air duct sealing. An HVAC company checks your air ducts during this service to ensure that there are no gaps or holes. 

The second service is air duct cleaning. This service involves cleaning all the allergens, dust, and debris from the ducts. 

Reasons to Service Your Air Ducts

Servicing your air ducts is vital for several reasons. First, sealing them ensures that your furnace operates efficiently. With gaps in the ducts, you’ll lose some of the conditioned air before it reaches the rooms in your home.

Air duct cleaning offers several vital benefits. Therefore, you should clean your ducts as needed.

First, it improves your indoor air quality. When you have allergens and contaminants in your ducts, the air that blows through the ducts becomes contaminated. The result is poor indoor air quality. 

Secondly, your house stays cleaner when the ducts are clean. When air goes through dirty air ducts, it forces dirt and debris into your house. 

Frequency of These Services

So how often do you need these services? Cleaning them every two to four years is a standard rule of thumb for most homeowners. However, it would also help if you cleaned them when specific events happen.

For example, you should clean the air ducts when moving into a new home, especially if it’s a used house. 

Secondly, you should clean the ducts after remodeling. Remodeling stirs up dust, debris, and other contaminants, and these things might land in the air ducts.

Finally, you might also want to clean them if you struggle with bad allergies or health issues. The contaminants in the ducts tend to increase allergic reactions in people with these types of health issues.

Hire a Professional for Services

Is it time to service your air ducts? If you have never hired a company to clean them, it’s probably time. After all, you’ll reap many benefits by hiring this out.

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