Winters in Temecula and surrounding areas present a unique opportunity to get seasonal discounts on air conditioners or whole HVAC systems.  Before you proceed with your purchase a new A/C, you should take note of type, size, efficiency of the unit, its features, and your usage needs.  At Design Air, we help all our customers come to an understanding of these factors.  Look at the brief below before you make your purchase.

Type Matters

Knowing the types of a/c systems available on the market enables you to make a sound purchasing decision.  Do you know the difference between central, portable, split, and window air conditioning units?  If not, ask a professional.  Our team can help you to see which type would match your needs and housing situation.

Sizing Up The Right Unit

Bigger is not always better and small could be a costly mistake.  Calculating the right size for your residence is essential if you wish to achieve the best cooling without incurring large utility bills.  Simply put, the way you size air conditioning will affect how much you pay your utility service provider whenever you use it.

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!

Most modern air conditioning systems will display its Energy Star rating.  This government program sponsored by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) helps homeowners and commercial entities to make smarter decisions regarding energy usage.  When you purchase an a/c system, always think about its efficiency because it will affect you for many years to come.

What Are Its Features?

Although the primary function of an a/c system is to cool the air, modern features can make a unit much more desirable and easier to operate.  For instance, some systems have:

  • quiet modes that significantly reduce noise
  • timers and sensors that cool per thermostat readings
  • connectivity to smart systems that can adjust via PC or mobile devices

Such features can improve convenience and reduce usage.

All About Usage

How much do you anticipate using your AC?  Everyone’s level of comfort differs and there may be other factors to consider like health conditions.  Matching efficiency with your planned usages is vital to saving energy and money over the lifespan of the unit you decide to purchase.

Would you like assistance with your air conditioning buying decision?  Do you need an installer? Design Air offers air conditioning and heating installation, maintenance, and repair throughout Beaumont, Corona, Riverside, San Bernardino, Fontana, Redlands, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Ontario, and Temecula.  Contact us at (951) 379-3362 for immediate help.