Since Covid-19 first appeared across the world, the necessity for indoor home ventilation has risen. That is because the virus spreads through particles and droplets from a person’s mouth.

These particles travel through the air and enter your body as you breathe. With home ventilation techniques, you can reduce the risk of catching a virus.

You also minimize the chances of breathing in harmful things like mold, dust, or allergens. Want to know how to how to increase ventilation? If so, keep reading this brief guide.

1. Change Filters

The first thing you want to do when it comes to ventilation is to check your air filters. Many people make the mistake of ignoring their filters and forgetting to change them out. Go ahead and perform an inspection to see if they contain dirt or dust.

If your filters look grey or black, it is time to buy new ones. As a rule of thumb, change your air filters every thirty days. If you do not, all of that dust, debris, and bug particles will circulate through your home and into your lungs.

2. Open Windows

Get some fresh air in your house. When the weather is nice out, don’t be afraid to pop those windows open.

That will get air circulating through your home. Aerosols and particles have a tougher time hanging around your house with constant airflow. That is especially true if you have a nice breeze blowing in through your kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

3. Turn On Fans

If the weather doesn’t allow for open windows, turn on the fans. Though it is not pushing air out of the house, it still creates circulation. By doing this, you also keep your home cool during the hot summer months.

If you look to increase home garage ventilation, you can buy a fan. Head to your local store and check to see if they sell stand-alone fans. Set it outside in your garage, and you will keep the air flowing and the temperature down.

4. Get Home Ventilation System

Find a service or company that provides home ventilation systems, like us here at Design Air. Once you do this, professionals will head out to your home and set you up with one in no time.

These systems do away with stale air in your home. They also help regulate humidity in the air. That way, you always have dry air to keep your lungs happy and healthy.

5. Open Your Vents

Another mistake people make is not opening up their vents. Sometimes, air vents close. Either something happens to shut them, or a family member messes with them. Either way, keep an eye on your vents.

If you notice one is shut, open it up to increase air circulation throughout your home. Alternatively, if there is a room in your house you barely use, go ahead and close those vents. That will create a more powerful source of air pumping into the rest of the house.

For More on Home Ventilation

These five home ventilation tips will help your home stay free of harmful aerosols that can affect your health. Remember, open your windows when the weather is nice and change your filters out regularly.

If you require HVAC ventilation services, Design Air is here to help. We offer an air ventilation system for home and office. We also provide expert repair services. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us today.