As the world continues to heat up, bit by bit, you might want to make sure your AC is working properly. There’s almost nothing more frustrating than having to spend your day figuring out how to cool down without an air conditioner. There are DIY solutions, but it’s easier to maintain your unit over time.

So, how can you tell when you need to request AC repair services? Some signs are obvious, while others require more attention to detail.

No need to fret! In this guide, you’ll find a quick look at the 5 major signs you need an AC repair service. The sooner you get some help, the better.

Odd Scents

This is a somewhat obvious change, but sometimes it can be subtle. Normally, an air conditioner won’t change a room’s smell. While it’s possible for some units to do so, if you notice a change in smell, you should probably take a look at the unit. If it’s a drastic change, and there are scents like mold, then you should absolutely reach out to an AC repair company.

Leaking or No Water

Most air conditioners drip water through a hose that leads outside of a building. This is normal and isn’t a cause for concern. There are two situations that should cause concern, though. The first is the presence of any leaks from the interior unit. This could be due to something simple like a clogged escape tube. But, it could also indicate other serious problems inside the air conditioner.

What some might consider worse, is when an AC unit isn’t dripping any water out through the tube. This often results in malfunctions or underperformance by the unit.

AC Won’t Stop Cycling

If there’s an issue with the chipset in a unit, it can short and get stuck cycling. That is, an air conditioner might continue to cool a room, even after it reaches what most would consider a comfortable temperature. This is a big problem and requires immediate attention, as cycling for long periods of time can cause serious damage.

Doesn’t React to Temperature Changes

On the other hand, an AC might have a faulty temperature gauge. So, even when you set a temperature below room temperature, it refuses to start cycling. This isn’t a serious issue, but you’ll be stuck without an AC until you search for ac repair near me.

Humid Air

And, finally, if your AC unit is pushing out humid air, then it’s time for a checkup. This is another issue that isn’t too serious, but it will leave you with an undesirable ambiance, especially if you can’t keep up maintenance in the summer.

Reaching Out to AC Repair Services

Now you know all about the 5 major signs that you need AC repair. They’re simple and somewhat easy to notice, but they can slip past some people. So, keep your nose out for odd scents, and an eye out for leaking or no water, continuous cycling, no reaction to temperature changes, and humid air!

Contact us if you have any doubts about when to get AC repaired, need help with AC installation, or need assistance with any AC problems. We’re here to help from start to finish!