The average U.S. household spends $122 per month on electricity. On average, almost half of that goes to heating and cooling costs, so if your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently, you might be throwing money away.

Like most electronics, HVAC systems have some common problems that are easy to troubleshoot. So, keep reading to find out more about three common HVAC problems.

1. Loud HVAC Noises

When it comes to any electronics, loud noises are a cause for concern. These units are designed to run without you even realizing it, so if you can hear when your unit is running, there’s most likely something wrong.

Sometimes it only requires a small adjustment to lower the HVAC noises, but more serious issues require a professional to come and take a look.

If your unit makes buzzing noises, chances are there’s a loose part that needs to be tightened, or the motor might have some issues. Popping sounds are often fixed by simply turning your unit off for a few minutes. This is often caused by expanding ductwork.

Clanking sounds are a bigger cause for concern. If you hear them, you should turn your unit off immediately and call an HVAC repair service.

2. Dirty AC Filter

Air filters require regular changing if you want your unit to run as efficiently as possible. Over time, the dirt, dust, and debris clog the filter, making it harder for the air to get through. This can make your entire system freeze up.

Before you replace your filter, you should let your AC defrost. To do this, you simply need to turn the unit off and wait a few hours before turning the fan on. After a few hours, you can simply replace the filter, and your unit will be good as new.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Freon, an AC refrigerant, is what enables your unit to cool the air. A refrigerant leak is a common HVAC problem, but it can’t be ignored. A leak reduces the efficiency of your unit and can also damage your health.

Small leaks can be fixed at home, but it’s advised to instead contact a professional. Just remember to top up the refrigerant after you’ve sealed the leak. Larger leaks and cracks can potentially lead to an HVAC replacement.

Refrigerant leaks that are left unattended can cause further damage to your unit, making it impossible to repair.

HVAC Problems Explained

When it comes to HVAC problems, it’s your responsibility as the owner to make sure they’re taken care of. If you stay on top of your HVAC maintenance, you’ll find that you save money in the long run, as you won’t need to have your unit repaired or replaced as often.

If your HVAC is showing signs that it needs maintenance or repairs, contact us today. Design Air Inc. provides a full array of services in Riverside, CA, and the surrounding region.