QuietCool Whole House Fans

Looking to slash your electricity bills without sweltering every summer?  Or seeking a less-expensive and eco-friendly alternative to installing central air conditioning to cool your home? QuietCool Whole house fans are the answer.  Popular decades ago, they’re back and even better.  You may remember those old noisy attic fans.  But that’s changed!

Design Air, Inc. is pleased to announce that we now offer QuietCool whole house fans.  We service all Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. QuietCool Fans are, well, quieter… and even more efficient than other brands.

Whole House Fans

With the high ventilation capacity of whole house fans, you can forget about hot sleepless nights without the installation and electricity expense of installing air conditioning.  And if you already have A/C you can cut your cooling bills in half, or more.  Plus you’ll enjoy great ventilation for better health and increased comfort.

Note:  They’re also called attic fans.  But don’t confuse them with attic ventilation fans that only pull hot air out of the attic itself, not the house.

How It Works

High-volume fans bring the outdoors indoors.  So whenever outdoor air is more comfortable than inside, why run the A/C?  Just partially open a few windows and let these exhaust fans pull in cooler outside air.  Unlike waiting for an air conditioner to cool things down, the inside air will feel some 10 degrees cooler almost instantly.  Why?  Whole house fans replace indoor air with outdoor 10 to 20 times per hour, so they complete a air fresh change in just 3 to 6 minutes!  They also cool the attic by as much as 40 degrees so that less heat conducts down through the ceiling. Do they work in humid areas?  Well, not when it’s hot and sticky.  But wherever outdoor air is comfortable, including near the coast, they make it comfortable indoors as well.

Your QuietCool whole-house fan will pull fresh air into your home, out through a ceiling grill, and push it out of the attic.  Unlike tricky to adjust central A/C vents and dampers, simply open windows more where ever you want want more cooling.  You could start with the kitchen for dinner preparation, then focus on the family room and pre-cooling bedrooms.  But a properly sized attic fan will cool your whole house, all at once.

Attic Fans Work Even When They’re Off!

The benefits don’t stop when you turn it off in the morning, due to “thermal mass cooling.”  Sheet rock, tile, granite, and concrete (and just about everything to a lesser extent) cool down, then absorb heat during the day even after the whole house fan or A/C are turned off.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

That thermal mass cooling means your house will be cooler when you get home.  And attic fans mean you’ll feel a comfortable breeze at each window.  Did you know that moving air typically feels 5 to 10 degrees cooler than it actually is?  With the ceiling, walls, and floor cooler you’ll also feel more comfortable at higher air temperatures.

The fresh air from whole house ventilation also quickly removes

  • kitchen heat (the results can be amazing),
  • odors,
  • bathroom & laundry room humidity (preventing mold and mildew )
  • pet dander,
  • germs, and
  • VOC (harmful volatile organic compound) gases.

Plus you’ll avoid the bother, clutter, and sound of window box fans.  And the water use, maintenance, mold, and other issues with evaporative coolers (swamp coolers).

Energy Savings

Whole house fans are a classic energy saver, and QuietCool products are a leader of energy efficiency.  A large central air conditioning system consumes on the order of 5,000 watts whereas an attic fan’s electricity draw is more 500 watts, and can be as low as 60 watts for a small cottage.  Near the coast they can reduce cooling costs to 1/2, and inland to as little as 1/10.  On average a whole house fan will pay for itself in energy cost savings in just 2 years.

If you have or are considering solar, whole house fans are an absolute must.  They will dramatically reduce the size and cost of a new photovoltaic installation, and greatly improve the percentage of electricity from solar for existing installations.

Why QuietCool Whole House Fans?

Let’s count the ways.

  1. Their patented “whisper quiet” design keeps noise and vibration out of the living area.
  2. They have a 15 year warranty with lifetime lubrication on motors and no belts to wear out or come loose.
  3. They’re made in the USA.
  4. They’re California Energy Commission approved, and hold many of the top spots for energy efficiency.
  5. They have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.


  • For a good balance of comfort and energy use, choose an attic fan with a capacity of 2 to 3 CFM (cubic feet per minute of air flow) for each square foot of your home that you’d like to cool.
  • Open various windows a total of 1 to 2 square feet for each 1,000 CFM of fan capacity.
  • If you need more capacity than a single fan can provide, simply have more than one fan installed.
  • California energy efficiency regulations now require the installation of attic fans in all new residential construction in many parts of Southern California.
  • You may need to have already installed a whole house fan in order to qualify for rebates and other incentives to install or upgrade to high-efficiency air conditioners.