Would you like to reduce your energy consumption to help the environment and save some money? But don’t have up-front funds needed to purchase those home improvements in the first place? HERO financing can rescue you from that frustrating catch-22 situation.

The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity Program provides financing for energy and water saving  upgrades to your home. One of the fastest growing programs of its kind in the United States, homeowners clearly appreciate the benefits. With energy-efficiency tax credits gone or being phased out, this program is helping home owners every day.

HERO is the largest and most successful element of the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program. It was launched in December of 2011 in 17 cities in Riverside County. With over $185 million in financed projects the program has now extended into San Bernardino County and is available throughout Southern California.

How Does It Work?

Instant approval, No credit score or income requirements. Homeowners apply for financing for specific home improvement projects. Terms vary by project from 5 to 20 years, and interest is tax deductible. No money down, financing covers 100% of the installed costs and payments are made through your property taxes. Balances can be transferred to the new owner if you sell your home.

There are a few requirements you must meet in order to qualify.

  • Be the owner of the home and property
  • The property must have at least 10% equity
  • Be current on your property taxes and mortgage payments for the past 12 months
  • Have no involuntary liens on your property
  • The property must not be an asset in an active bankruptcy proceeding
  •  Property must be located within a participating area of Riverside County or San Bernardino County
  • Other restrictions apply to mobile homes, call for details

HERO Financing For Energy Efficent Water Heaters

Some high-efficiency water heater models qualify for HERO Financing. This program provides financing that aren’t based on your credit rating. Payments are made as part of your property taxes, and the financing can be transferred to the new owner should you sell your house and best of all, the program is tax deductible. Design Air Inc. is a registered HERO Contractor. We can help you choose the best water heater to fit your budget and household use.

What Improvements Can Qualify?

To qualify for the program all equipment or renovations must meet the energy efficiency requirements and must be a permanent part of the property. Many of Design Air’s services qualify for this special HERO financing.

In the typical home roughly half of the energy bills are the result of heating and cooling. High-efficiency equipment and improved insulation can economically reduce those bills up to 50%, before you even consider going solar. Don’t sacrifice by staying bundled up in the winter and living in front of a fan all summer. Modern energy-efficiency measures can actually increase your comfort and improve your indoor air quality.

Here are some of the qualifying home improvements Design Air can provide.

Air Conditioners. Modern high-efficiency units for central air, whether packaged or split systems use 1/3 to 1/2 less energy than their 2005 counterparts. Even a 10 year old air conditioner is likely to be using 1/3 more energy than a new one. To qualify for HERO financing, new equipment installations must be a High Energy Efficient system that can achieve 14.5 SEER or higher.

Attic Insulation. This is probably the first place to start, as your attic presents large heat losses in winter, large heat gains in summer, and is easily accessible for retrofit insulation. Insulation must be installed as per Title 24 QII standards and meet insulation rating requirements.

Heat Pumps. Rather than converting electricity directly into heat like resistance heaters, heat pumps use a small amount of electric energy to pump a larger amount of heat energy. In moderate heating climates like ours they can use as little as 1/3 the energy of electric resistance heating.

Swamp Coolers. In a dry climate like the Inland Empire these coolers use evaporation to cool the air 15 to 40 degrees. Unlike old designs, new equipment is low-maintenance, quiet, and odor-free. To qualify the evaporative cooler must be California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency listed. It must also be permanently installed and not use the same duct work as your central heating and cooling system.

Whole House Fans. These high-flow exhaust fans are perfect for climates like Riverside’s where hot days are followed by cool nights, using some 1/10 as much electricity as air conditioning during the night and early morning.

Many other energy-efficiency measures, including high-efficiency heaters, low-loss windows and doors, and solar energy systems also qualify for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity Financing. There are numerous special requirements for qualification, so it’s important to confirm each and every item as part of the application process.

Design Air is Ready to Help

Our company is a qualified and registered HERO contractor, familiar with the requirements and accompanying paper work. Family owned and operated, we’re dedicated to providing quality work and the utmost in customer service at affordable rates.