Are you noticing restricted airflow in your HVAC system?  Sometimes our customers have this issue and are looking for answers.  In this blog, we’ll look into imbalances in that airflow caused by an obstruction.  Your HVAC duct system needs to be open and free to push and pull air throughout it.  It is in your best interest to have your system inspected annually by a licensed HVAC service person.  Here are possible obstructions that could occur.

Possible Obstructions

  • The air filter on your system should be checked. A dirty filter is obstruction itself.  There are times, however, that the air filter may loosen and get pulled into the duct and become the obstruction. You want to make sure nothing reaches the blower, fire and internal damage can occur if the blockage is a foreign object pulled into the system.
  • The blower fan is another inspection point. Dirt on the blades or caught on the protective cage reduces the airflow by either not letting the air in or causing a drag on the blade thus reducing the volume of air being moved.
  • The fire dampers and the zone dampers may also be accidentally stuck closed or partially closed. This interrupts the airflow as well.
  • As we discussed earlier with the air filter being pulled into the system sometimes the insulation on the interior of the duct will become loose and get dragged through the duct until it finally wedges into one location and block or partially block the duct.
  • A crushed or collapsed piece of the duct will also hinder the air from flowing properly.
  • Leaks in the system can cause an obstruction as well, but managing leaks is a discussion for a later time.
  • Another thing to inspect is the return register. Without thinking people move furniture or put other items in front of the return register. Dirt from everyday life gets lodged in it, and sometimes the register is just too small for the duct.
  • Another possibility is an undersized return duct. While you would have been having no problem at the beginning the slightest change, e., a filter that is due for change would make this issue stand out.

If you are experiencing a change in your ability to heat or cool your home, then this is an indicator for an inspection of your system.  Design Air A/C & Heating is ready and able to inspect your duct and HVAC system for any abnormalities.

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