As long as a thermostat does its job, no one thinks about it.  Air conditioning systems and furnaces usually receive annual to bi-annual maintenance, but thermostats are usually left alone unless a problem occurs.  Nevertheless, when an issue arises, a small thermostat can through off your entire HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.  Are you having problems with your thermostat or do you suspect that it is causing a problem?  Give Design Air A/C & Heating a call.  We have identified and fixed thermostat problems in Beaumont, Corona, Fontana, Loma Linda, Ontario, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Temecula California.  We are readily accessible at (951) 304-1333.

A Big Balancing Act

Your HVAC’s thermostat monitors an area’s temperature and signals for adjustments throughout the day.  In effect, your thermostat balances the internal temperature to stay within a set range.  When a thermostat mechanical failure occurs, this balancing is erratic or ceases to happen.  A thermostat that has failed often presents a better scenario than one that is malfunctioning.  At times we have seen where a malfunctioning thermostat has continually caused an HVAC system to shut on and off rapidly—eventually burning out expensive components.

Thermostat Maintenance & Replacement

Considering the thoughts above, it is best to perform maintenance or have maintenance performed on your thermostat.  If you happen to have an older style thermostat that uses a tube of mercury, you should have it replaced.  These antiquated types are hazardous if broken and can be easily replaced with a digital thermostat.

Digital thermostats are programmable and often have options for multiple schedules.  These features help homeowners and businesses to reduce their billing; especially when they are away.  All digital models are not compatible with every HVAC system.  If you are seeking to replace your thermostat or are having a problem with it, Design Air A/C Conditioning & Heating would be happy to assist you.

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