Summer is here, all of your windows are open, rotating fans at full blast and you are still sweating like a dog. You look across the street and notice your neighbors living in comfort, happily, somehow windows closed.

They took their air conditioner maintenance seriously and got it done early before the heat came. You can have that same comfort if you make sure to do just the same and we are here to help you with it today! Read on for more.

A Quick Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

While there can be many factors that go into the maintenance of an air conditioner system these are the major items on any air conditioner maintenance checklist to look over when doing preventative care.


This one should be done on a pretty regular schedule, luckily it is simple too. Just be sure to clean or replace, if needed, the filter approximately every thirty to ninety days.

Clogged air filters will restrict airflow, by doing this air quality will drop and can potentially cause mold to grow. In addition to air quality concerns, these can cause the coils on a unit to freeze.

This pushes your AC unit to work harder and run longer, leading to higher electricity bills. This is one of the easiest parts of maintenance and should always be at the top of your list.


Similarly, it is also a wise idea to check out the ductwork in your system especially if you are using a “forced air heating system”. These more often than not share ductwork with central air.

The first thing is a quick, visual review. You will want to look over all of the ductwork to see if there are any severe dents or holes and that all of the seals are perfectly intact.

While it is wise to check, in most cases you will not need a full cleaning of your ductwork. There are some cases, like the following, where you should contact a professional;

  • There is a noticeable odor coming from the ducts
  • Debris and hair buildup
  • You believe there has been nesting taking place
  • Mold growth
  • Recent renovations on the home

These cases can cause disruption or damage to the ductwork and should be addressed as soon as anything is noticed.

Coolant Lines

The importance of checking these lines is to ensure that there is no heat or cooling loss, if that were the case you would be running up higher energy bills. Luckily the coolant lines are a quick inspection job.

Just make sure that the lines are all fully covered in either foam sleeves or foam insulation tape.

Condenser and Coils

For those that do not cover their outdoor units during the off-season months, this is especially important.

There is a great deal of build-up that can occur around the condenser, from leaves, grass cutting, plants, and other natural debris. There is the chance that there has been mold growth and pollen build-up as well.

When cleaning these things out you want to be particularly careful as you could potentially damage the fins of the unit if you are not. A good way to do this is by using a light cloth paired with quick bursts from canned air.

Keeping Care of Your AC Is the Cool Way to Go

Now that you have your air conditioner maintenance checklist keeping away from the coming heat will be no problem. You and yours can look forward to comfortable days and nights to come.

There are times that even these maintenance can not prevent problems. When those arise the maintenance professionals at Design Air Inc are your best option for all AC repair needs.