Americans spend approximately $11 billion to power their home air conditioning systems every year. Enjoying a temperature-controlled household has its cost.  You may be surprised how much is wasted during home cooling.  Annually, residential electric customers lose millions of dollars due to home air leaks.  It’s almost like watching someone through money right out their window.

HVAC Air Leaks

No matter how efficient your air conditioning is, if you have air leaks you’re energy bill will be higher than it should be.  Every air leak compromises the effectiveness of any HVAC system.  When you get your regular AC service from a certified air conditioning contractor, ask them to check if you have any air leaks in your home.  There are 11 prominent areas that should be checked.  Below are some of the most common.

  • Air Ducts – One of the least checked areas are air ducts. Although they may look flawless, air ducts can become punctured or frayed especially if they are disturbed to do to DIY work.  Also, ducts often become unsealed at their ends.
  • Window Frames – Sometimes foundation shifts or the swelling of wood creates air gaps near windows. These gaps can increase over time if they are not corrected leaving homeowners with higher than average energy bills.
  • Door Frames –Even some of the sturdiest looking doors and frames have failed air leak tests. Due to its usage, door frames can develop pockets and gaps.  Additionally, the stripping above, below, and around doors should be check periodically.

Design Air A/C & Heating offers comprehensive air conditioning repair including energy audits and air leak checks.  We also handle commercial air conditioning repair and can help you with HERO financing.  Call us if you are experiencing higher energy bills that are unexplained.

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