Prices in the energy market are constantly fluctuating, so everyone wants to improve energy efficiency and reduce their utility bills. With the right management, careful planning, and routine maintenance, you can see a great reduction in your Air Conditioning and Heating costs. Usually the best way to fulfill these three requirements is by working with an HVAC professional. At Design Air, we provide all of the above and we make every effort to uphold our reputation for honest and proficient service. Contact us at (951) 369-0943 today if you have questions about how to reduce your energy cost. Below are a few tips that can help you to conserve energy and lower your bills this summer.


Performing regular maintenance can help maintain the efficiency of your control instruments and any mechanical parts in your Air Conditioning unit. As HVAC professionals, one of the largest HVAC issues that businesses and homeowners face is preventative maintenance. We cannot stress enough how beneficial routine maintenance is to the longevity of your heating and air conditioning system. This simple strategy can prevent you from having to replace expensive parts or replace your HVAC system prematurely. Design Air provides extensive details about each of the services it provides as well as why they are necessary. We want you to be confident that you are receiving the best service with us!

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Whether you are looking at an HVAC unit for your home or office building, purchase a unit that has a high energy efficiency rating. Making use of the latest and greatest technology is helpful in setting operating targets or improving family budgets. With the latest technology, you can predict your utility expenses for a specific timeframe. At Design Air we carry a wide variety of Energy Efficient Brands, giving you plenty of choices to choose from. Call Design Air and we will help you make the right Energy Efficient Unit choice for your Home or Office.


A temperature of 78 degrees during summer and 68 degrees during the winter is the standard for most buildings. But in Southern California, most houses have a daytime temperature between 72 and 75 degrees throughout the entire year.
This slight adjustment in the temperature can reduce your energy bills significantly. So it is best to be proactive by setting the daytime temperature of your home or business to an energy conservative level
appropriate to your area. When a building is not occupied, you may find having a setback temperature is fiscally beneficial.


Design Air can help you keep your utility bills in check and make sure you are being as energy efficient as possible. Our reputation for HVAC maintenance, repairs, and planning is well-known throughout Beaumont, Corona, Riverside, Fontana, San Bernardino, Redlands, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, and Ontario. We have the experience that you can count on to make sure your system is up to par.
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