Did you know that you can find an air conditioner in the homes of 90 percent of American families?

Like many, you might take your air conditioner for granted. So, when your unit breaks down in the hottest summer months, it can be unbearable.

But having a broken air conditioner doesn’t always mean the unit won’t come on. There are several signs you might overlook, that means it’s time to get your unit serviced or replaced.

Read on for seven signs that can help answer the question, “Is my air conditioner broken?”

1. Warm Air Comes Out of Your Vents

Does the air coming out your vents in summer feel more like heat? The problem could be as simple as your thermostat is set to heat or to too high of a temperature. But if you have checked that, you could have a problem with your A/C compressor.

2. Your A/C Makes Strange Noises

It’s usually normal to hear a little noise whenever your air conditioner cycles on and off. But if you hear loud, rattling noises or a persistent buzzing, then something may be wrong. The solution could be as simple as a tune-up or might mean a failing part needs to be replaced.

3. Your Electric Bill Has Suddenly Jumped

Even if your A/C seems to run normally, it could still have a problem that makes it run inefficiently. You’ll often notice this when your electric bill seems higher than normal. Causes can range from a leak to a worn part that makes your A/C work harder than usual.

4. Air Flow Changes Periodically

Does it seem that the amount of cold air you get through your vents varies? Your ducting may be to blame, especially when the issue seems to happen in certain rooms. This can also signal an A/C unit that is wearing out.

5. Your A/C Is Leaking

If you notice some water leaking where the A/C connects to your home, beware that your unit may be broken. While condensation is normal with A/C units, it’s a warning sign when you find it affecting your home. If you let the problem continue, you can experience mold or even structural damage to your house.

6. You Notice a Strange Smell When the A/C Runs

If you smell something unpleasant when your A/C comes on, you could have a problem with bacteria growth. You might also have buildup in your ducting. A simple tune-up or cleaning can often fix such issues.

7. Your A/C Comes On and Off Too Often

Beware if your A/C starts to come on and go off with short cycles. This might happen even on cooler days and can catch you by surprise. Your unit may need a tune-up or completely replaced.

So, Is My Air Conditioner Broken?

After reading these signs, you might still wonder, “Is my air conditioner broken or not?” The best way to find out is to have us inspect your unit.

We offer comprehensive A/C repair services and can get to you quickly. We can diagnose the problem and help you decide whether a repair or replacement works best for you.

Are you wondering how to fix your air conditioner? Contact us to schedule an appointment.