How to choose the right AC system

Just like with all other smart investments, installing a new air conditioning system demands careful consideration, tons of background research and thorough credentials verification. Below is your smart guide on when to, why should you, and who can you rely on to install the right and investment-worthy AC system for your home or business.

When Should You Install a New Air Conditioning System?

What are the red flags that indicate a new air conditioning system is definitely in order?

Poorly-maintained systems that are 7 years or older are nearing the end of their shelf life, while those that receive seasonal tune-ups may still work properly up to their 10th to 15th year of service.

If your current air conditioning system requires frequent repairs to correct repetitive technical problems (constantly turns on and off, is too noisy, fails to cool certain areas of your home or workplace), then it’s time to canvass and review newer AC models.

If your system emits an unpleasant odor or when you and your family members or employees start suffering from allergies and other respiratory-related problems, it may be time to replace your old system.

When your air conditioning system produces unusually high energy bills despite implementing cost-saving measures, when it runs excessively, or when you worry that it is no longer backyard-safe, then it is at the end of its serviceable years.

Even though installing a new AC system is a major investment that may seem costly at first, its many benefits will pay for itself over time.