Unless you are running some extravagant computing server at home, your heating and cooling system will most likely be the most complicated component of your home.  HVAC systems incorporate a mixture of electrical elements, natural gas, lubricants and oils, and refrigerants.  Hence, the contractor that you choose will have a direct impact on the air quality and air temperature of your home.

Our team at Design Air A/C & Heating, is comprised of licensed HVAC contractors.  So, to stay objective, we have curated several ideas that every homeowner should consider before choosing their contractor.  Our list includes ideas from contractors and related industry experts, so you don’t have to trust that we are not biased.

Investigate Your Choices

Do your due diligence and learn about the California state requirements for licensure and insurance for HVAC contractors.  Also, get as much information about your current HVAC system and how well it has been maintained.  If possible, take note of any areas or rooms in your home that are uncomfortable.  When contacting different HVAC contractors, compare what you know with what is being told.  Compare the estimates that you are given with the experience and equipment of the contractor.  Before you call a contractor, do a little research on them to see if they have had any complaints of scamming.

Check For Discounts

Some contractors have deals with specific manufacturers, so ask if they do and compare purchase prices.  For instance, we offer free diagnostics with same day repair, $4599 3 ton HVAC systems, and 10% of A/C or heater repair.  You may be able to couple these savings with manufacturer rebates, federal tax credits, or new energy rebates. You can also try to qualify for the HERO program to reduce your upfront costs.

Get It In Writing

One of the oldest tricks in the book is the verbal estimate, which “mysteriously” rises after the work begins.  A good contractor will inspect your home and the current system in place to verify that it is the right size for your usage needs.  Afterward, a written estimate that itemizes everything should be given to you along with details about their workmanship warranty (which is different from the manufacturer warranty).  Excellent contractors will guarantee their work.  Before any work begins, there also should be a contract drawn up that specifically describes the work being done, costs, schedule, and HVAC information.

Purchasing a new HVAC system is a big enterprise and one of the largest decisions you will make for your home.  Once you find a great contractor and the job has been completed to satisfaction, make the process easier for the net person by leaving good feedback for a job well done.

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