Did you know that clothes dryers use about 60 billion kilowatt-hours of energy a year in the U.S.? That equals as much power as the entire state of Massachusetts uses in a year.

Dryers are an essential part of our day-to-day life; altogether, Americans spend about $9 billion a year to have their clothes dried. Keep reading, and we will guide you through how often you need to clean dryer vents.

Performing Dryer Maintenance

We take our dryers for granted. Every so often, we might empty the lint basket, but there is a lot more routine maintenance that needs to be done.

If you want your dryer to last for its maximum amount of years and get the most out of what you paid, you will want to upkeep your dryer.

First, dryer filters should be cleaned after each use because the lint quickly builds up. If you use fabric softener sheets in your dryer, you should double-check that it’s clean after wiping away lint.

You can pour some water on the filter, and if it doesn’t drain through the holes, wash it with some soap and warm water until it does. Next, you should check out your dryer drum or the most significant part of your dryer.

The drum won’t need cleaning very much unless you are consistently washing many clothes covered in pet hair or accidentally leaving crayons, lipstick, or gum in your pocket.

How to Clean Dryer Vents

Your dryer vents should be cleaned based on the size of your household and how often you do laundry. It is recommended that people clean it twice a year. Some people wash it 2-3 times a year if they have an enormous household and do laundry often.

You can add it to your list of spring cleaning chores to avoid forgetting. This is essential to clean and upkeep because dryer vents start to accumulate lint, and by the time people realize they need to clean it, it’s too late.

If you smell a burning odor, your dryer vent is likely to start a fire. Failing to clean it has become the leading cause of dryer fires. If you aren’t sure where to start with cleaning, Design Air Inc. is here to help you in Riverside County, California.

We have professional dryer vent cleaning services and can have someone come to your home with the latest equipment for the best cleaning. One of our professionals will scrub to loosen lint, dust, and extra debris.

Then we will use a special vacuum that removes any materials from your vent. This will leave it good as new.

Update Your Cleaning Routine

Now that you know the importance of cleaning dryer vents, you can add this to your list of winter and spring cleaning to ensure this gets done a few times a year.

How often you clean is dependent on the size of your household and how often you do laundry. If you don’t clean your dryer vent, it could start a fire.

Contact Design Air Inc. with questions today about dryer vent cleaning or HVAC repair, service, or installation.