If you’re anything like most people, you want to keep your house cool and comfortable. After all, your home is where you eat, sleep, and relax. You want to do that in comfort. A big part of that is a well-maintained, functional air conditioning unit.

Keeping your ac unit serviced is important to keeping a comfortable house. But you can’t just fix it when it breaks. That wears the unit down, and makes it more susceptible to breaking again in the future.

But how often should air conditioning units be serviced? When do you need to service your ac unit? And why?

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units be Serviced?

There’s a lot of reasons you might consider getting your unit looked at. Maybe the device is running, but not cooling your house. Whatever the reason is, it’s important to know the signs, so that you know when to service your AC unit.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to get your air conditioning unit, and your heater as well, serviced annually. Usually, you want to service the AC unit in the spring and the heater in the fall. By doing this, you make sure that each unit is in working order before you need to use it.

While it is important to schedule regular maintenance for your AC unit, there are some things you can do yourself to minimize your need for maintenance and repair. You can take steps to prevent common issues with ac units.

Cleaning the outdoor condenser unit is an absolute must. Keeping bugs, leaves, and other debris out of the condenser will let it run smoother and more efficiently, and will protect it from damage. Similarly, keeping your vents clear of obstruction helps maintain airflow, keeping the system running well.

Even the way you decorate your home can help. Try to avoid keeping heat-producing appliances, such as lamps, computers, or other devices away from your thermostat. The heat emitted by these appliances will trick the thermostat into thinking the house is hotter than it really is. This causes it to keep running for longer than it needs to.

These changes won’t stop you from needing to service your AC unit. You should still do so once a year. But following these tips will make you less likely to need to do it any more than that.

Take Care of Your Home and Your AC Unit

If you were unsure how often should air conditioning units be serviced, hopefully, we’ve answered some of your questions.

Annual maintenance of your unit is important to keep it running efficiently. And some simple changes around the house can reduce wear and tear and make you less likely to need future service.

So whether your AC unit is acting up, or you just need an annual service, schedule an appointment with us and get your air conditioner looked at.