The health of your HVAC system directly affects your family’s health. Nobody wants dusty, allergen-filled air circulating day after day!

Replacing your HVAC air filter is a huge part of maintaining the integrity of the system and your health. Thankfully, there are signs you can look for to tell when it’s time for an upgrade.

Whether you’re preparing for a new season or you have a feeling it may be time to change out that dusty gray filter, here are ways you can tell your air filter needs replacing.

It’s Been A Few Months

It’s recommended that you change your air filter every 30 to 90 days. This depends on your sensitivity to allergens, the seasons, and the type of filter you have.

If you have a sensitivity to allergens, you’ll want to change it more often and replace it with a high-quality filter. You should also consider the effect household pets and other factors have on the life of your filter.

The best air filter for home HVAC systems is usually pleated with plenty of surface area to trap dirt and dust. These will usually feel sturdier and denser than lower-quality air filters.

Your Allergies Act Up

Increased congestion, irritated sinuses, and itchiness can all be signs that you need to change your air filter. While most people are affected by allergy season, if your allergies act up even inside your home, it’s worth taking a look at your filter.

Getting a HEPA air filter for HVAC systems can also reduce allergic reactions and extend the time between filter changes.

Dust Near Your Vents

Dust in the home is inevitable, but dust near your vents? Watch out.

You can tell your air filter needs a change when the dust begins collecting underneath the vent. This is because what is missed by an already-full filter will be expelled into your home.

The floor and the grating of the HVAC air filter housing will be the dirtiest, but don’t ignore other vents. Clean these regularly to avoid a build-up of dust in your vents.

Electricity Bill Goes Up

If you’ve forgotten to change your air vent, don’t be surprised if your electricity bill starts to creep up. Old or damaged air filters often cause an inefficient air conditioning system. Remember, just because you recently changed it doesn’t mean it can’t still sustain damage.

Before complaining to your electric company, check your air filter to see if it might need a replacement.

Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

Knowing when to replace your HVAC air filter can be tricky if you didn’t pay attention to the last time you changed it.

Thankfully, these handy tricks can alert you to when your system needs a filter upgrade.

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