Anyone who manages a number of properties understand that problems arise continually and that fast repairs equal happy renters.  Hence, many property managers make use of contractors to fix maintenance issues instead of trying to fix them alone.  Yet, what is the level of expertise of the contractor you are using?  Is your HVAC maintenance performed by trained professionals or a handy man?  If it is the latter, below is something you may want to consider.

Why The Handy man Option Is Often A Bad Decision

One way to cut costs associated with A/C repair is to lower your standards of contractor.  If a cheap handy man can fix the problem, why not hire him instead, right?  Well there are several reasons why it is better not to go this route. First, some handy men are good a fixing certain types of A/C problems but are they certified?  If not, you could be putting your management at risk if anything goes wrong with the repair.  For instance, if working component that is still under warranty can be voided if an associated repair was due to improper repair.  Secondly, a handy man will typically need to be granted access to your residences homes.  Can you really trust this person?  Would you have a recourse if something did go array? Third, the brand of your properties can suffer if you allow non-professionals to perform maintenance at your premises.  In our social age, residents can easily take a pic of a non-trained handy man and post it to social media sites with a horrible review of management.  A reputation hit to your business can cost you multiple times if future prospects pass on your rentals.

A Wiser Choice

Design Air offers well-trained, professional A/C technicians that have acquired years of working experience.  Our team realizes that your residents expect prompt results the first time.  In addition to A/C repairs, Design Air features commercial regular maintenance that preserves unit functionality.  Good maintenance is always better than system repairs and gives your residents the assurance that you care about them.


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