Many counties in southern California are making preparations for El Nino, which is expected to bring a marked increase of rainstorms this winter and next spring. With that in mind many of our customers who are preparing for storms are wondering if heavy rains will harm their outdoor air conditioning units.
Well the answer is yes and no. (Go figure right.)
Let’s allay your frustration with the above answer. The answer is only no if flooding occurs. Here is why.

Rain & Your A/C

Outdoor air conditioning units are design to handle the elements that nature throw their way—especially rain. The casing, frame, and internal components are arranged to protect critical electrical areas from short circuiting due to moisture. With regular maintenance an A/C unit can function for several years.
However, A/C units are never designed to handle water submersion. If they were, there price would skyrocket! Consequently, heavy rains that result in flooding will harm an A/C if it sits in high waters. The obvious reason why is electrical failure. When flood waters reach the internal parts like the compressor, short circuits occur. Such parts will need to be replaced before running the system again. Another problem that flooding presents to A/C units is corrosion. Valves, coils, and switches can retain water and slowly erode even after flood waters recedes. Such erosion can occur months after a flood and give the impression that the part malfunctioned.
With the threat of a once-every generation El Nino upon us, we understand the concern that you may have for your home and the A/C unit that cools it. If you are in an area that floods when heavy rains come, you may want to look into elevating your unit or having it temporarily moved before flooding occurs. By chance if your unit does become exposed to flood waters, give us a call. We’ll fully restore your unit to its optimal operating shape!