There are some small heating and air conditioning system problems that can be managed by a homeowner.  This is especially the case if the person has a do-it-yourself spirit and a little ingenuity.  However, there are certain issues that are best left to HVAC professionals.  Going about servicing your heating or air conditioning system yourself in some occasions could:

  • Void the warranty of your system
  • Result in serious damage to HVAC (costing you more eventually)
  • Cause you serious harm

Remember, HVAC systems incorporate the use of electricity, mechanical devices, and chemicals.  The deeper you go into your system the higher the chances of you have to deal with all three of those types of components.  Need assistance?  Call Design Air!  Our team is fast, experienced, and available throughout the Inland Empire including Beaumont, Corona, Riverside, Fontana, San Bernardino, Redlands, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Ontario, and Temecula.

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But what type of issues should you immediately call a professional to help with?  Below are four that an amateur should never address.

Non-DIY HVAC Problems

  1. A sudden increase of dust: If you find an abnormal increase in the amount of dust settling on your furniture or floors, it may be indicative of a filtration problem in your HVAC system. You can opt for a filter change but if the problem persists, seek the help of a professional.  There may be a duct issue.
  2. A sharp rise your energy costs: If your energy bill skyrockets without reason, it can be because of a duct leakage. As per reports, duct leakage can lead to as much as a 15% energy loss.  Locating and fixing a duct leak is best left for an HVAC professional.
  3. Burning smell: The moment you smell scents of burning coming from your heating or air conditioning system, you should immediately shut down your system and call a professional. The only exception to this is at the beginning of the winter season (when most of us have not used our heating for some time) and you turn on your heating.  You may smell some light burning initially.  This is normal dust burn off.
  4. Electrical smell: Do you smell something like burning plastic after turning on your HVAC?  We suggest you turn off the unit and call us now.  Bad electrical components and frayed electrical wires can easily start an electrical fire.

Some HVAC problems are not worth the risk of damaging your system, home, or yourself.  Take the safer route and call a trusted service provider for major heating and air conditioning work.  Design Air(951)-379-3362