Do you need to choose the best HVAC system for your business? Wondering what your options are for choosing a commercial HVAC system?

If you need to install a commercial building HVAC system, you’ll find that there are a variety of options to choose from. Each of these systems comes with its pros and cons and some will be more suitable for your business than others.

If you’re wondering what the different types of commercial HVAC systems are, read on. In this article, we’ll tell you about the most common types of HVAC systems for commercial buildings.

1. Single-Split System

One of the types of commercial HVAC systems that you should know about is the single split system. A single split system is on the lower end and is more affordable compared to the other commercial HVAC system options.

With a single split system, an indoor unit and an exterior unit will both be installed. If your business needs to expand its premises, then you can simply add more units to properly cool the space.

The single split system is an affordable and versatile option and makes a lot of sense to use, particularly for smaller spaces. However, because both an external and internal unit will be needed, it can take up a lot of space if it’s used for larger buildings.

2. Multi-Split System

A multi-split system is another HVAC option for commercial buildings.

With a multi-split system, multiple indoor units can be connected to only one outdoor unit. This can be more space-efficient than a single-split system and can be a greater option if you don’t want to have multiple outdoor units.

These units tend to work better for business premises that are a bit larger and more complex. If there are multiple floors or a lot of walls in the building, a multi-split AC unit may be the best option.

3. VRF or VRV System

A variable refrigerant flow (VRF) or variable refrigerant volume (VRV) AC unit is another option that works well for commercial buildings.

This type of unit makes use of a heat pump with refrigerant in the cooling and heating lines. The heat recovery systems of these units are incredibly efficient and flexible, as they’re able to both heat and cool different areas of a building at the same time. This makes it the ideal choice for heating and cooling large buildings that have many different rooms such as an office, hotel, or retail space.

4. VAV or CAV System

Two more types of HVAC systems are variable air volume (VAV) and constant air volume (CAV) systems. These systems make use of single-duct supply and return and use varying or constant airflow to set and maintain temperatures.

CAV systems operate the fan of the HVAC at full capacity and this continues until the temperature changes to the desired level.

VAV systems, on the other hand, are more energy-efficient than CAV systems. These systems offer precise temperature control and maximize the distribution of air. The fan speed of these systems will vary based on the temperature of the space. VAV systems are some of the best available for commercial spaces and allow for incredibly efficient heating and cooling.

Choosing Between the Different Commercial HVAC Systems

If you want to install the best commercial HVAC systems for your commercial building, you should consider all of the information above. Be sure to carefully consider which option is right for your commercial building if you want to be satisfied with the results.

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