The timely and careful maintenance of your AC system will guarantee the following long-term benefits:

Prolonged system life. Air conditioning systems have varying designs and life expectancies set by their respective manufacturers. Remember that misuse, abuse or total lack of preventive maintenance significantly shorten the shelf life of air conditioning systems. This will force owners to pay for early and expensive repairs or worse, total system replacement costs.

Sustained efficiency. Quality air conditioning systems cool, dehumidify and purify the air inside homes and businesses smoothly and continuously, night and day, rain or shine. Regular maintenance work ensures that there will be no unnecessary noise, drips, smells, or early technical breakdowns that will interfere with a unit’s optimum performance.

Reduced energy bills. Timely and proper maintenance programs prevent air conditioning systems from running excessively which result in valuable energy being wasted. By maximizing the use of energy, households and business establishments are able to slash their energy consumption and decrease their total utility bills considerably.

Savings from expensive repairs. Routine maintenance addresses current and potential technical issues before they balloon to bigger, more complicated problems.
When complex problems are averted, costly repairs are likewise prevented.


Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, (HVAC) professionals must be competent, experienced, licensed and trustworthy. A great maintenance team should be able to provide the following services:

An expert and honest assessment of your air conditioning system’s maintenance protocol –including the involved processes, time-frames and related costs– so you could prepare the necessary budget and create a sensible schedule of service appointment dates.

Skilled HVAC professionals should meticulously inspect and maintain system components including: checking and cleaning electrical components, checking pressures, amp draws and temperatures, oiling motors as needed, cleaning or changing filters and checking the overall operation of the unit and its communication to the thermostat.

HVAC professionals must be able to correctly verify refrigerant levels and make sure that the air conditioning system is properly and sufficiently charged with it. Refrigerants are substances that transfer heat from one place to another, thus creating a cooling effect.

Competent HVAC professionals should also provide pointers on the proper use of a programmable thermostat. A thermostat should be set high as it is comfortable. Ideally, it should be placed away from electrical appliances that generate too much heat, such as television sets and ovens. By smartly utilizing your thermostat, you may reduce your cooling cost by as much as 20%.

Another critical service is the identification and resolution of duct work leaks. HVAC professionals should methodically seal and insulate all ducts throughout the system. An estimated 30% to 40% of your cooling energy may be lost through leaks or when improperly insulated ducts pass through uncooled spaces such as garages and attics.

HVAC professionals should also carefully inspect and clean filters. Filters should be changed regularly to prevent the buildup of dust, mildew and other debris. The accumulation of foreign particles in AC filters reduces the system’s performance, increases energy bills and compromises the quality of air circulating inside homes and businesses. Filters should also be inspected once a month by the homeowner and changed as needed, typically every 3 months.

Ideally, HVAC service providers should also be able to offer discounts on parts and repairs, long-term labor warranty and other service add-ons as signs of sincerity and commitment. The really dedicated HVAC professionals will go the extra mile to treat you as a valued, long-time client-partner and not just a one-time deal customer.

Regular and competent maintenance work, just like what we do with our vehicles, is a crucial and worthy investment. Preventive maintenance and seasonal tune-ups of our air conditioning systems will prevent untimely, expensive repairs and ensure their safe and efficient operation for many years.