The HVAC as we know it today was first invented in 1931. Ever since then, HVACs have been very important for homes and buildings across the world and it is hard to imagine living without one. HVACs are designed to be as efficient and helpful as possible, but some problems can arise during the process of HVAC installation. 

Specifically, there are several mistakes that you can make when trying to install an HVAC. So, what are these mistakes and how can you avoid them so that your HVAC works properly? Keep reading and learn more about it below.

1. Bad Ducts

An HVAC obviously needs ducts to make sure the air flows as it should throughout your house. However, a lot of problems can go wrong with the ducts if you’re not careful. Old ducts tend to be riddled with problems such as clumps of dust, holes, and other forms of damage. 

However, new ducts can also come with a variety of problems, especially if they aren’t installed and connected properly. Faulty ducts can end up wasting a lot of air and HVAC power. This, of course, is certainly not something you want to deal with. 

So, if you want to avoid this problem, make sure that the ducts are not only in good shape but are also flowing the way they should so that the HVAC can do its job. 

2. Choosing the Wrong Size

HVACs come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are very small while others are massive. Many people don’t realize that the shape of the HVAC unit is quite important. 

For example, if you choose a unit that is much too large for your building, it will be a huge waste of money. On the other hand, if your HVAC unit is too small for the size of your house, it will never be able to modulate the temperature inside the house in an efficient way which will again waste money. 

3. Overgrowth Around the Unit

A lot of people believe that overgrown grass and vegetation around their HVAC unit won’t do any harm. This, however, is not true. 

If there is a lot of overgrowth around your HVAC, that overgrowth will end up damaging the unit. Fallen leaves and blades of grass can get stuck in the unit and make it run in a less efficient manner. This, again, would be a waste of money since your unit would have to work overtime to do the same kind of work. 

4. Picking the Wrong Installer

There are many HVAC mistakes to be made, but among the most common HVAC mistakes is picking the wrong installer. If you pick a low-quality installer, your HVAC will be in trouble. 

It might not be hooked up correctly or it might run inefficiently if it isn’t installed properly. For that reason, always hire a good installer. 

All About HVAC Installation

HVAC installation can be complicated, but it certainly isn’t impossible as long as you learn what mistakes you should avoid. Always make sure the ducts are working, that you choose the right HVAC size, that there is no overgrowth around the unit, and that you choose the right installer. 

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