Those of us living in Beaumont, CA understand how important owning a good air conditioner can be. It can get as high as the 100’s in the summer and as low as 35 in the winter. Having an issue with your air conditioner can leave you frustrated for a solution. Don’t wait another minute call Design Air today! We pride ourselves in being a family owned business with a fast turnaround and dependable reputation. We cover the entire Beaumont area!

Beaumont Residential Services
At Design Air we continually serve the residential community within Beaumont. We also provide repair services and annual maintenance for your system. Design Air is proud to provide homeowners with our HERO financing which can significantly improve your energy usage. Our trained technicians not only assist you with installing energy efficient air conditioning and heating systems; we are registered and specialize in HVAC renovations.

Beaumont Commercial Maintenance & Installation
It can be extremely frustrating as a business owner to have your heating or air conditioning system down. Not having a cooling system on hot days can not only make a bad impression with customers, it can lead to revenue loss. Not to mention having uncomfortable employees can lead to low productivity. If your business is temperature dependent, product loss can be detrimental. Design Air’s commercial maintenance program will assist you in avoiding such losses.

At Design Air we routinely install commercial HVAC systems to new and existing businesses. Our licensed professionals are trained to work in accord with all building regulations. We are proud to install systems that are energy efficient, saving your business money. Design Air has worked with many businesses from scratch in implementing cost effective cooling and heating technologies.
Whether you’re a business or homeowner, Design Air is the leading provider in heating and cooling systems!